From the novelty of simple machines to the efficiency of artificial intelligence, humans have invented ways and tools to ensure that day-to-day processes are smoother. As a result, technology has allowed humans to live more sustainable lives. Yet, it continues to challenge the existing order of business and labor. A Pew Research reported that almost half of industry experts foresee a future where many employees become obsolete

You have heard of automation allegedly being anti-worker or a job thief. Some of the jobs that automation has already replaced include toll booth operators, grocery cashiers, and warehouse staff. You could be wondering if your role will be affected. Will technology really rip you off of your source of livelihood? The quick answer is no. As the world increases its technology use, humans will continue to evolve in relevance. 

Here’s how the automation revolution is impacting the job industry.

More Global Vacancies 

The artificial intelligence market is projected to grow to $641.3 billion by 2028. Growth in any job market translates to more human workers to address the infrastructure necessary for such growth. Jobs can include hiring human resource managers, administrative staff, and AI/automation experts to provide the needed human talent. The popularity of artificial intelligence systems also means more customers eager to experience their benefits.   

You can expect that customer care associate and manager positions in utilizing automation and AI technology will also increase. Automation will drastically change how you view work now, breeding other career opportunities. 

Higher and Competitive Salaries 

As automation eases the job processes, overhead costs in physical spaces and materials for information are reduced. Many companies that hire automation engineers or artificial intelligence experts give higher and more competitive salaries to engage top-quality candidates.  

Computer and information systems managers ranked 16th in the highest paid job. Their median salary in 2021 is reported to reach almost USD160K a year. You can expect that knowledge and experience in automation can increase your earning potential. 

Flexible Work Arrangements and Processes 

Companies like Spotify have adopted the work anywhere arrangements for their employees. Through automation, working from home or anywhere can be made more meaningful and productive.  

You can use software that could automate configuring data sheets, and bookkeeping can take less time and effort through various assistance from online automation programs. You can also check your own productivity and retrieve data that could help you manage your own tasks without being prompted by your supervisors or managers. 

Sustainable Work Practices 

Automation is sustainable, too. Using automation and artificial intelligence, you can gather data about open positions and certifications for career advancement. Environmentally speaking, it forbids using tangible resources like paper for papers and filing cabinets for storing them that you have grown accustomed to in an office. With more data being saved on tiny portable storage devices and even cloud servers, physical space is also being used to its fullest. You can go home knowing that retrieval is easier and faster if you lose a document. 

In Alliance with Automation 

Artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning are some of your allies at work. Without automation, you will rely on physical strength to plow through complex business processes and functions. Automation and AI address issues that you could have overlooked through piles and piles of documents and thousands of information needed. Human labor has evolved through automation and artificial intelligence.   

You can see through the fast deliveries of your necessities its unparalleled contribution to logistics processing. From the ease of maintaining assembly lines in manufacturing industries to creating better products based on consumer studies, you know that you can depend on these systems. There is truth to how automation and artificial intelligence will change the labor landscape. The challenge is to change with it and be open to the endless possibilities brought to us by these systems. Human talent is indispensable, albeit will be more expensive, even with automation. 

What Traits Would Still Elevate Humans in the Workplace 


Automation operates on a predesigned program. Many, if not almost all, computers run on a code that has been embedded in their systems. Most computers, if not all of them, run on code built into their architecture. Once they are in the hands of the consumers, these codes can be challenging to manipulate. With automation, products and services will have a consistent quality-an advantage for the quality assurance staff. 

However, from a workplace perspective, having flexibility is still most preferred. For managing and responding to unplanned events and emergencies at work, coding might only be able to handle so much. Human talent is still the best option when flexibility is needed, such as in cases of unforeseen delivery delays or unpredictable logistical catastrophes.   


Creativity is one aspect of human talent that is difficult to code in its entirety. Different coding languages in and of themselves are the results of the creative minds of various coders. It is not surprising, as creativity is organic to human talent. 

There are various instances of how automation supports our desire for creativity at work. With platforms like Canva, automation has allowed human creativity to thrive further. Processes can be streamlined, and expectations can be matched with each new program, piece of software, or application. 


Empathy, even among humans, can be difficult to achieve. Coding empathy can be much harder. Empathy is a result of millions of years of evolution and socializing. Such a process can be nearly impossible to code fully into a program. However, you may envision how the necessary customer service and communication abilities are put to use as you buy goods and services or have transactions with other employees. Humans are the best judges and users of empathy. 

No Substitute for Human Talent 

Human talent will remain indispensable for as long as there are humans. There can be no replacement for the warmth of a smile during a cold morning as you get your coffee from the nearest coffee shop. You can never code the inspiration that a person who achieved success through hard work can teach you in the office. Automation and artificial intelligence are tools that complement work. 

Automation allows for moments of pause that make the workload feel less. These moments increase your productivity and efficiency as an employee. Prioritizing work-life balance also involves utilizing available tools in your workplace to your advantage. It was always meant to aid humanity in reaching its fullest potential, not replace it. 


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