“One thing we all have in common is that we will all age.”

Fox Search Group had a great time supporting one of our clients, Evergreen Life Services, at their James Bond themed Fundraiser. The work they do at Evergreen is truly amazing and we are so proud to do business with such a top notch company. If you haven’t heard of them, or what they do, please look them up at

“Intermediate hybrid work is plausibly the sweet spot, where workers enjoy flexibility and yet are not as isolated compared to peers who are predominantly working from home.”

How should you handle that jerk at work?

What’s better than an extra week of vacation?

A 3-day workweek? Unlimited first-class plane tickets? Per Betterment’s latest report, the answer is … drumroll, please.

It’s a practice that’s common in the recruitment process; one recent study of 1,500 global workers found that 75% of jobseekers have been ghosted by a company after a job interview.