Associate Attorney

Employment Type: Permanent

Job Number: 27023

Job Description

Associate Attorney

We are working small, but extremely busy insurance defense firm handling claims for large insurance

companies, National and International trucking/transportation, Fortune 200 and Fortune 500


Focus on defending companies that get sued in transportation, products liability, premises

liability, commercial auto, recreational issues, and construction. In other words, if a company

gets sued in tort or contract, we defend them by:

- Drafting pleadings

- Familiarity with state and federal procedural rules

- Interviewing witnesses and investigating the claims

- Conducting written discovery

- Taking depositions

- Attending court hearings and trials

- Researching legal issues and drafting pre-trial motions

- Evaluating medical records

- Evaluating the potential damages

- Negotiating resolution of disputes

This is high-pace and high-stress, and we don't have time to stroke egos. We WORK...hard. At the

same time, we're a small environment so we meet often to discuss cases and have fun. We

regularly have lunch together as a team and there is a lot of laughter, but when it comes down

to business, then it's time to focus and quit joking around.

Owner/Managing Attorney, Mark Perkins, has been practicing law for over 34 years and enjoys

teaching associate attorneys how to defend Fortune 200 and Fortune 500 companies in complex

and sometimes catastrophic lawsuits. We are blessed to have the kind of work we defend

because we are a small, yet highly respected in the industries we serve.

You will be expected to bill 35-50 billable hours per week. This may require working late or

weekend work. This can be done remotely, but essentially you to be willing to do the work that

is needed to defend the client.

The essential requirements of the job:

- Accredited Law degree.

- Licensed to practice law in Louisiana.

- Proven experience (or passionate interest) practicing as an Attorney within your

chosen specialty.

- Familiarity with legislation and case law within and related to your specialty.

- Exceptional problem-solving and decision-making abilities.- Perceptive and meticulous, with a thorough understanding of human behavior.

- Capacity to regulate and perform under stress.

- Meet deadlines, be on time and don’t miss many days from work

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills

- Analytical skills

- Attention to detail

Other desirable qualities:

- Interest in the business and marketing aspects of the practice

- Interest in being mentored and taking over the firm to take it to the next level

- Humility and willingness to admit mistakes without hiding them or deflecting fault to