Senior Software Developer

Employment Type: Permanent

Job Number: 27023

Job Description

Our client, in the aerospace and defense industry, is seeking a Senior Software Developer that plays a pivotal role in software development projects, contributing to the design, implementation, and optimization of software solutions.


  1. Provide technical expertise and contribute to software development processes.
  2. Analyze and implement system requirements.
  3. Collaborate remotely with cross-functional teams to design, develop, and
  4. implement software solutions.
  5. Develop and maintain interface documentation.
  6. Ensure adherence to software test processes and contribute to process
  7. improvement.
  8. Assist in optimizing cloud-based solutions for performance and scalability.
  9. Participate in Agile/DevOps teams to support deployment and integration
  10. strategies.
  11. Stay updated on industry trends and technologies.
  12. Additional duties as required.


 Previously or currently in possession of a Security Clearance.

● Strong background in .NET(version8+) and C# (12).

● 5+ years experience with software development using .NET technologies C#,

ASP.NET core, Web API, MVC, Entity Framework.

● Experience with CI/CD, design reviews, code reviews, unit testing.

● Experience in designing production systems deployed to the Cloud (Microsoft

Azure, AWS, etc.).

● Familiarity with Docker, Kubernetes, and cloud container management (Azure, AWS)

● Familiarity with low network communication and transport protocols such as TCP, UDP, Sockets, etc.

● Familiarity with UI frameworks Blazor/WebAssembly,React,Angular

● Experience with EFCore, RDBMS design(Postgres/MsSql)

● Effective communication skills.

● Collaborative problem-solving abilities.

● Ability to work effectively within a team environment.

● Remote collaboration skills. 


● Bachelor’s Degree required, Advanced Degree preferred.

● 5 years of experience in software development or a related field.

● Familiarity with Agile/DevOps methodologies.

● Experience with cloud environments and associated tools.

● Familiarity with project management tools such as AzureDevOps ,Jira

● Exposure to Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) concepts and tools may

be beneficial.