Senior Weblogic Administrator

Employment Type: Permanent

Job Number: 27023

Compensation: 80k/year - 120k/year

Job Description

Senior WebLogic Application Administrator


Professional work that performs and/or plans, assigns, monitors, reviews and leads the work of others in installing, configuring, operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting servers and other computer systems. Provides support services to facilitate efficient and effective use of traditional and cloud system resources. Maintains data files and monitors the system configuration to ensure data integrity. Plans for and responds to service outages and other problems.


·     Plans, assigns, schedules, monitors, reviews and leads the work of others.

·     Provides coaching and mentoring and ensures that training is provided to others to maintain and enhance technical knowledge and skills.

·     Provides consultative services to users to enhance proposed business solutions and to help determine the best course of action.

·     Conducts server builds, creates and applies application patches, release upgrades and other deployment methods and modifications to server operating system hardware and software.

·     Configures, optimizes, fine-tunes, monitors and maintains network systems, server operating systems and system applications.

·     Performs or ensures system administration tasks, including adding and removing users, user groups and accounts; manages authentication, authorization, and access control.

·     Performs or ensures system backups and recovery procedures are performed.

·     Plans for re-engineering of existing systems, replacing inadequate systems and system expansion.  Analyzes, diagnoses, troubleshoots and resolves system hardware, software, network and production issues.

·     Monitors and manages hardware and software system resources, including server performance, system and capacity trending analysis, CPU usage, disk usage, backup systems, and response times to maintain operating efficiency.

·     Coordinates equipment repair and deployment

·     Writes or modifies basic scripts and performs light programming to resolve performance problems and automate systems administration tasks.

·     Resolves escalated problems and identifies and recommends responses to new or unusual situations. 

·     Ensures system documentation and logs are maintained and procedures are documented.

·     Documents procedures, including drawings and standardized images to illustrate applications server hardware, software and network configuration and automated deployments.

·     Reviews research data and performs or ensures testing and evaluation of vendor hardware, software and other system components is performed as required.

·     Conducting ongoing assessments of short-term and long-term hardware and software needs.

·     Performs site preparation and/or equipment removal and data mitigation tasks for new hardware and software installations and user upgrades or moves. 

·     Reviews and completes work in conformance with our Policies and Procedures to meet compliance requirements.

·     Writes and/or edits Requests for Proposals (RFPs ) related to technology projects.

·   Manages vendor relationships and reviews vendor invoices to ensure accuracy and appropriate use of resources. 

·     Ensures that plans and procedures for operating under both normal and emergency conditions are accurate, appropriate and up-to-date. 

·     Assists in disaster recovery testing as System Administrator subject matter expert

·     Participates in ongoing training to continuously upgrade technical knowledge and skills.

·     Performs other job-related work as assigned.


·      Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Computer Science or related discipline and four (4) years of professional experience in a system administration role in a large corporate or industrial environment for the discipline and/or specialty area(s) being recruited

·     OR

·      Eight (8) year combination of education, training and experience in installing, supporting, and maintaining servers and other computer systems in a large corporate or industrial environment for the discipline and/or specialty area(s) being recruited.  

·     Experience solving WebLogic problems

·     Experience working in a Linux environment